30 Things To Tie Dye


There are SO many things to tie dye these days. As long as its made of a natural fiber (i.e. cotton, linen, hemp, silk, etc.) its fair game for a pop of color and a one of a kind cool pattern. This list, in particular, however, is focused on things you can tie dye in your home with limited space and not a lot of experience (great for beginners!).

There are larger items, such as bedspreads and curtains, that do tie dye well (but I am not including in this list). These items take a lot of space to create the pattern, dye, rinse, and wash which many people do not have access to. They are also a bit pricier, so having some experience tie dyeing helps to make sure the investment is a success. For these reasons, I am not including them in the list. For those of you up to the challenge, however, I mention them and encourage you to give them a try.



Things To Tie Dye

Apparel/CLOTHING Items

1. Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Adult Sizes) (Kids Sizes) (Toddler Sizes) – There are many white shirts out there that work for tie dye, but I particularly like these ones from Gildan because the fabric is thicker and it holds its shape really well.

See Tie Dye Patterns for step-by-step tie dye designs.

spiral tie dye
Short Sleeve Tie Dye Shirt

2. Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Adult Sizes) (Kids Sizes) (Toddler Sizes) – These long sleeve cotton shirts from Gildan are another staple I use in tie dyeing, particularly because of the thicker fabric and durability.

3. Tank Top (Women Sizes) (Girls & Toddler Sizes) – These tank tops from Hanes and Reebok, respectively, are 100% cotton which is great for tie dyeing. The longer length is also great for added coverage.

4. Hoodie (Adult Option 1 & Option 2) (Kids Sizes) – Here are hoodies for everyone. They are all high cotton blends, so they will tie dye well in addition to being durable and fashionable. This women’s one is also super comfy. I wear it everywhere!

To tie dye a hoodie, check out: Tie Dye Hoodie: Cool, Easy, and Original

Tie dyes womens hoodie
Tie Dye Womens Hoodie

5. Sweatshirt (Adult Sizes) (Kids & Toddler Sizes) – Most sweatshirts are made from a blend so they are both soft and breathable, but not the best for dyeing. This adult one from Hanes is 90% Cotton/10% Polyester and the kids’ one is 100% cotton, so they will still hold dye very well, while still being super soft and comfy.

For tie dye sweatshirt designs, Tie Dye Sweatshirt: How To Create 2 Easy, Colorful Designs

Tie dyed kids sweatshirt
Tie Dye Kids Sweatshirt

6. Sweatpants/Joggers/Leggings (Womens Sweatpants) (Womens Joggers) (Girls Leggings) – Fashionable and comfy….these bottoms look and tie dye up great in popping colors. As for men’s sweatpants options, it is challenging to find a blend with a high amount of cotton. These 2 however, from Fruit of the Loom and Progo USA, have 60% and 65% respectively and will still tie dye well (though your brightest colors may be slightly softer).

Read Tie Dye Sweatpants: The Easy Step-By-Step Guide for how to tie dye sweatpants.

tie dye joggers
Tie Dye Joggers

7. Jeans – There are SO many styles of white jeans (or black/blue if you are reverse tie dyeing) out there and as style is really a personal preference, I didn’t name any. I do however recommend that you look for one with at least 75% cotton (the higher the better) as the dye colors will come out much brighter.

8. Jean Shorts (Ladies Sizes) – I am a huge fans of Lucky Brand’s jeans and jean shorts. These shorts in particular are so comfy and cute and with 95% cotton, a great choice for tie dyeing.

9. Skirt – Skirts are another one, where there are SO many styles and lengths. As long as the natural fiber count (i.e. cotton, rayon, linen, silk, etc) is high it can be dyed beautifully. This one in particular I like because its long, flowy and has that bohemian feel that a lot of people think of when they think of tie dye.

10. Dress (Womens Cotton T-Shirt Dress) (Womens Rayon Blend T-Shirt Dress)– While there are many styles of dress that look good in a tie dye pattern, I prefer the simpler styles to show them off. Both t-shirt dresses are comfy, soft, and take dye well. The rayon drapes more than the cotton one, but is also more delicate to launder.

11. Swim Cover-up – Here are 2 womens swimsuit cover up options that dye well and are very different styles and coverage (loose t-shirt dress and coverup shirt) based on your personal preference.

12. Jean Jacket (Womens Sizes) (Girls Sizes) – I’m a big fan of jean jackets for their versatility and comfort. These ones from Lee (Women) and Levi’s (Girls) would work well for both tie dye (white) and reverse/bleach tie dye (black/blue).

13. Baby Onesie/Bodysuits (Short Sleeve Bodysuits) (Long Sleeve Bodysuits) – Tie dyeing onesies/bodysuits is not only super easy and cute, but the perfect baby/shower gift. I have tie dyed many as well as tie dyeing matching onesie/t-shirts for the baby and their siblings. Custom and inexpensive, big win! Not to mention SUPER CUTE!!!


14. Tote Bag – I started tie dyeing tote bags a long time ago and they were a big hit with anyone I gave or sold them to. Michael’s Craft Store used to sell the perfect tote, but, alas, they got rid of it, so I found some new great canvas bags of varying styles: an all white tote bag with inside pocket, a tote bag with solid straps and bottom, and a large zip top tote bag with solid side straps and bottom and outside pocket.

tie dye tote bags
Tie Dye Tote Bags

15. Socks (Mens Sizes) (Womens Sizes) (Boys Sizes) (Girls Sizes) – Socks are a fun accessory that you can really play around with color. Here are some great options, but anything made with mostly cotton or another natural fiber will work.

Check out Tie Dye Socks: 3 Easy Fun Patterns for sock tie dyeing how-tos.

Tie dye socks
Tie Dye Socks

16. Slip-on Canvas Shoes (Mens Sizes) (Womens Sizes) (Kids Sizes) – For those looking to make some bright colorful footwear, give slip-on canvas shoes a peek. Besides being super comfortable, the canvas takes to the dye well and is a great project for any beginner.

17. Lace-up Canvas Sneakers – (Mens Sizes) (Womens Sizes) (Kids Sizes) – Lace-up canvas sneakers are another type of footwear that works great for tie dyeing, especially if slip-on shoes are not your thing. These options are very ‘Converse’ like without the price, great for beginners, before you make the investment.

18. Baseball Cap (Adults) (Kids Size) – Hats are always a fun accessory and tie dyed ones are no exception. These baseball caps are sporty and a great canvas for some scrunch or free-style tie dyeing with a squeeze bottle or brush (or even dip dyeing).

Tie dyed baseball cap
Tie Dyed Baseball Cap

19. Beach Bucket Hat (Adult Sizes) (Kids Sizes) – Bucket hats are great for the beach, gardening, or any outdoor activity. These ones I’ve selected are 100% cotton, so they will really pop with color when dyed. NOTE: When buying the kid’s hats, be sure to select the 100% cotton version. There is also a similar ‘Lightweight’ hat in 100% polyester which will not work for tie dyeing.

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Tie dye bucket hats
Tie Dyed Bucket Hats

20. Face Mask (Adult Size) – Since we now live in a time when face masks are the new accessory, why not make them fun, unique, and colorful? They are great for both tie dye (white) and reverse/bleach tie dye (black). The ones I selected are 100% cotton, but blends will work well too as long as it is a high cotton blend OR the outside layer (that everyone sees) is mostly cotton.

21. Scarf – Scarves are great for any tie dye pattern because its basically just a piece of fabric. Just be sure to look for the fabric content because a lot of them are blends and high in synthetic fibers which you do not want for tie dye (unless you are looking for pastel colors).

22. Bandana (One Size) – Much like scarves, bandanas are great for tie dye. These ones have the traditional black paisley bandana pattern which will stand out nicely from the tie dyed background.

23. Stretchy Headband (One Size) – My daughters and I wear these headbands for “spa days”, washing our faces, playing with makeup and working out. Super easy to tie dye. I’ve also seen people tie dye them to match their tie dye shirt which I think is a fun idea, especially for kids or sports teams.

24. Scrunchie (One Size) – Scrunchies are another fun tie dye hair accessory that is super easy to make and great for beginners and kids. This 10 pack is a great size because you can play with a lot of colors/patterns with even a small tie dye kit.

25. Cooking/Crafting Apron (Adult One Size) (Kids One Size) – Our family is big on cooking, baking, crafting, gardening…anything that gets your hands (and everything else potentially) dirty. These aprons are not only easy to tie dye in many patterns, but look great while being creative in other areas.

Home Items

Home items are, for most part, blank pieces of fabric, so they are perfect for trying out any tie dye pattern. As long as the content is mostly cotton or another natural fiber, the pattern will turn out fine.

26. Pillow Cover (18″x18″ Throw Pillow Case) (Standard Size Bed Pillow Case) – If you are looking to add a colorful pop or interesting pattern to a room or bed, tie dye these pillow cases. You can use any tie dye pattern, even reverse/bleach tie dye if you purchase the black case. The options are endless.

27. Cloth Napkin (18″x18″ Size) – Cloth napkins are a fun way to play with different tie dye patterns and add a bit of whimsy to any meal. Also, great for the environment!

28. Dish Towel (12″x12″ Size) – The best dish towels are made of natural fibers, so its an easy leap to add some fun colors and patterns to your kitchen. These also make an inexpensive, but pretty addition to any gift basket or dye a set of towels and gift just as is.

29. Baby Blanket (30″x30″ Size) – Having 2 kids of my own, I can attest to the usefulness of baby blankets (for the actual babies and now for my daughters’ “babies”/dolls). A custom tie dye blanket, whether in popping colors or pastels, would make a wonderful gift for any mama, and ultimately any child.

30. Garden Flag (12″x18″ Size) – As a gardener I am a fan of things that make the garden prettier. Garden flags are fun and a tie dye pop of color and pattern would be an original and organic addition.

Hopefully this list gives you a few ideas for some great tie dye projects. For more step by step tips on how to tie dye, check out How To Tie Dye: The Ultimate Guide.